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How many days does the treatment last?

IVF treatment lasts approximately 15-17 days (with short drug protocol).

Will we come to the clinic every day during the treatment?

No, patient-friendly treatments are applied in our clinic and we will meet with our patients every 3-4 days for treatment.

Should my wife/husband come for every visit?

Actually, he/she doesn't have to come medically. However, we recommend couples to undergo treatment together to support each other.

How many times I can try IVF treatment?

This is a very personal situation, and the easiest explanation is related to how hard you are financially and morally. So you are the limit.

We're thinking of coming from out of city, do you have accommodation?

You can stay in our contracted hotels or apartments.

After how old, the chance of pregnancy with IVF is very low?

The chances of pregnancy at age 45 and over are unfortunately very low (below 1%).

Is all the operations done here?

Our clinic is licensed by the Ministry of Health and all examinations, treatments and applications are carried out within the center.