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Patients Guide

They are all applications to protect the rights of the person whose rights are guaranteed by international and national legislation, who requests medical assistance and apply to a health institution for this purpose, in order to protect his/her rights within the entire service process served by the health institution. Patient rights aim at maintaining human health at a high level and providing high quality health services.

a) Right to Benefit from Services
All patients admitted to our hospital have the right to benefit from all services without discrimination of language, religion, race or sect. Our patients have the right to benefit from the preventive and therapeutic health services necessary for their survival.

b) Right to Information and Request Information
Our patients have the right to receive information about both their health status and the current health services and how they can benefit from them, and to see and obtain documents about themselves and their illnesses.

c) Right of Consent and Approve
Our patients have the right to accept, refuse or halt the recommended treatment after adequate information.

d) Right to Select and Replace Health Organization and Personnel
Our patients have the right to choose which diagnosis and treatment method will be used, and to change the doctors, nurses and other health personnel responsible for their treatment.

e) Right to Privacy and Confidentiality
Our patients have the right to request confidentiality of their personal information, health status, diagnostic and treatment processes or private visits. If our patient doesn’t allow it, information about his/her private and family life can’t be shared with anyone other than him, unless there is a medical necessity.

Our patients have the right to refuse to speak or see people who are not directly involved in their treatment, including visitors.

Our patients have the right to protect all the information obtained during the diagnosis and treatment phase, even if they lose their lives. This information is disclosed only to the relevant authorities in accordance with the explicit permission of the patient or his beneficiaries or in accordance with the court order.

f) Right to Dignity
Our patients and their relatives have the right to receive health care in a friendly, kind, compassionate approach and in a clean contemporary environment.

g) Right to Perform Religious Duties
Our patients have the right to perform their religious duties within the scope of the health facility's facilities and as long as they do not interfere with treatment.

At the request of the patient or his authorized representative, he has the right to bring a clergyman to indoctrinate and pray according to the patient's religious needs.

h) Right to Visit and Accompany
Our patients have the right to accept visitors and to have companions in accordance with the procedures and principles determined by our hospital.

i) Right to Security
Our patients have the right to protect the safety of life and property of themselves from health care risks and medical errors.

j) Right to Consultation and Request Second Opinion
If our patients accept responsibilities, they have the right to receive information about their health status from another physician working in the same branch or ask for consultations with a specialist from a different branch.

k) Right to Report Complaints, Opinions and Suggestions
Our patients have the right to initiate, review, finalize and be informed of the outcome of the complaint mechanism in our hospital in case of violation of their rights.

It can be described as the duties and obligations that the patient must fulfil in the process after applying to a health care provider.

Our patients are responsible for doing their best to take care of their own health and to follow the advice given for a healthy life.

In simple cases, patients are responsible for self-care.

Our patients are responsible for reporting changes in health, social security and personal information in a timely manner.

Our patients are responsible for reporting their complaints, previous illnesses, whether they have received any inpatient treatment, if any, the medications they are currently using and all health information.

Our patients are responsible for complying with the rules and practices of the health organization they are applying to.

Our patients are responsible for complying with the referral chain determined by the Ministry of Health and other social security institutions.

Our patients are responsible for collaborating with health care professionals during treatment, care and rehabilitation.

Our patients are responsible for paying the costs of examination and treatment.

Our patients are responsible for complying with the date and time of the appointment and notifying changes if they are benefiting from an appointment-based health facility.

Our patients are responsible for respecting the rights of hospital staff, other patients and visitors.

Our patients are responsible for the damage they cause to hospital supplies.

Our patients are responsible for listening carefully to advices on treatments and medications and asking what they can't understand.

Our patients are responsible for reporting to the health care worker, if they are unable to comply with treatment recommendations.

Our patients are responsible for stating whether they understand the care plan correctly as expected after health care and discharge.

Our patients are responsible for the consequences of refusing treatment or disobeying recommendations.

We offer you a number of possibilities to keep your satisfaction at the highest level from the first time you entered our hospitals until you were discharged. You will find a list below about how to meet your needs during your stay and the specific rules of our hospitals. If you encounter any other circumstances, please inform us.

a) There is a nurse's call system at the bedhead and right next to the toilet seat in the bathroom.

b) There is refrigerator under the shelf in the room; and water in it. You can request water from your nurse or cafeteria, depending on your needs.

c) Our bathrooms have hot water. If you want to take a shower, you can obtain the necessary materials from your service nurse.

d) Our hospitals have central ventilation\air conditioning system. Therefore, the room windows should be closed all the time.

e) Each bedhead has hand disinfectant.

f) There is a closet in the room. Slippers and patient scrubs are available in our cabinets.

g) Smoking is not allowed in the hospital.

h) If you want to make a phone call outside the hospital from your room, you can make a call by pressing '0' and connecting to the switchboard. These phone calls will be processed on your pricing form.

i) Our doctor visiting hours are between 08:30-10:00 / 16:00-18:00.

j) Visitors are not allowed in our hospitals after 22:00. First-degree relatives are allowed to enter only in case of emergency after 22:00.

k) There is a place of worship in our hospitals for those who want to worship.

l) For your health, children under the age of 10 are requested not to visit patients or to keep the visiting time short except in cases of necessity.

m) Be careful not to reflect your emotional state by crying or yelling, etc. in the presence of our patients (it may be harmful to them).

n) Grounded flowers are not accepted in patient rooms due to the risk of infection. Grounded flowers on behalf of the patient will be delivered to him while discharged.

o) Put your complaints and suggestions about our hospitals in the complaint box.