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Tedaviye Başlarken

At the beginning of treatment

First of all, infertile couple history starts with detailed question and answer, and the examinations and treatments are revealed. After clear diagnosis of infertility has been established, in vitro fertilization treatment is initiated following the examination and ultrasound of the patient and determining the appropriate individualized treatment protocol.
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Başarısız Denemeler

Unsuccessful Attempts

If pregnancy cannot be achieved despite good quality embryo transfer in at least 2 IVF treatments, recurrent IVF failure is mentioned. In this group of patients, further analysis, examination and, if necessary, surgical procedures are performed. A new treatment protocol is determined by evaluating the results and then IVF treatment is continued.

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Tekrarlayan Düşükler

Recurrent Pregnancy Losses

IVF treatment, in fact, is not a treatment for recurrent pregnancy losses. However, if the cause of recurrent miscarriages is a chromosomal disorder in couples, in vitro embryos will be created by treatment with genetic examination (all chromosome analysis with NGS), normal chromosome embryos can be selected and transferred to prevent from pregnancy losses.
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Aşılama (intrauterin inseminasyon)


Vaccination is one of the first treatment methods used in infertility treatments. In the vaccination method, the number of eggs that are formed spontaneously every month is increased to two or three by the pills or needles given to the woman and the sperm of the man is washed and prepared by some special methods.

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Üreme Koruyucu İşlemler

Reproduction Protective Processes

Today we are able to preserve fertility with in vitro fertilization and very effective freezing (vitrification) methods in cancer cases of both women and men.

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Tüp Bebek Sözlüğü

IVF dictionary

Amenore: Absent menstruation.

Anovulation: The absence of ovulation. It doesn't have to be with amenore.

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Erkeğe Bağlı Kısırlık

Male-induced Infertility

Studies have shown that normal levels of both FSH and LH are required for normal sperm production. The spermatogenesis process, which lasts approximately 70 days, starts in Sertoli cells that lay seminiferous tubules in testicles.
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