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It is the process of observing the uterus on the screen with the help of a special camera. It can be done without anaesthesia in office conditions or under mild anaesthesia in the operating room. It is an intervention that offers rapid and effective treatment in various cases such as structural abnormalities of the uterus (such as intrauterine curtains), removal of myomas and polyps and treatment of adhesions in the inner cavity of the uterus.

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These are surgeries where the abdominal cavity is inflated with CO2 gas and special cameras and surgical equipment are entered through 0.5-1 cm holes in the skin. The aim is to make a diagnosis and to solve it surgically in the presence of a situation that negatively affects the impregnation process. After surgery, the patient is usually discharged within 1 day at most. In laparoscopy, the opening of the tubes, the relation of the uterus, ovaries and tubes with the surrounding tissues and organs can be clearly observed.

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Micro TESE

It is the process of receiving microbiopsies from tissues that appear to be the most likely to contain sperm by opening testicular tissue under the surgical microscope in patients of azospermia and evaluating them in the simultaneous embryology laboratory. In our clinic, preoperative patients are asked for hormone analysis, hemogram, hepatitis markers and HIV test, chromosome analysis from peripheral blood and Y micro-deletion tests.

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Fertilechip (microchip – chip baby)

It is essentially a special method of sperm selection. It is a system that aims to use sperms which have less DNA fragmentation in microinjection process. It can be used in men who smoke intensively, are exposed to toxins in the working environment, are over 50 years of age and in patients with recurrent IVF failure and recurrent miscarriages.

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IVF Treatment

Tedaviye Başlarken

At the beginning of treatment

First of all, infertile couple history starts with detailed question and answer, and the examinations and treatments are revealed. After clear diagnosis of infertility has been established, in vitro fertilization treatment is initiated following the examination and ultrasound of the patient and determining the appropriate individualized treatment protocol.

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Başarısız Denemeler

Unsuccessful Attempts

If pregnancy cannot be achieved despite good quality embryo transfer in at least 2 IVF treatments, recurrent IVF failure is mentioned. In this group of patients, further analysis, examination and, if necessary, surgical procedures are performed. A new treatment protocol is determined by evaluating the results and then IVF treatment is continued.

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Tekrarlayan Düşükler

Recurrent Pregnancy Losses

  IVF treatment, in fact, is not a treatment for recurrent pregnancy losses. However, if the cause of recurrent miscarriages is a chromosomal disorder in couples, in vitro embryos will be created by treatment with genetic examination (all chromosome analysis with NGS), normal chromosome embryos can be selected and transferred to prevent from pregnancy losses.

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“Hi, I'm Rahime Sahin. I'm Dr.Tonguc Gündüz's patient. Although I went to many hospitals and had a lot of examinations, there was no result. I was out of hope, my body was worn out, I was psychologically awful. I met him with advice. I give thanks to my Lord a thousand times, that I know him and his team. I can tell you that. I know that because I have visited many hospitals, they have taken care of us so well ... Tonguç Bey and his team ... both our psychology and our problems, I can not express it in words. I was very, very touched when I was writing these, and although my husband and I had no problems, we could not have children. Thanks to my Lord and Mr.Tonguç, we had a son and this made us the happiest couple in the world. I will be grateful to him until I die. God bless him, thank God.”
Rahime Şahin
“I am Hafise K. Our story began 6 years ago. My husband works, I'm a housewife. We wanted to have a baby after marriage as everyone imagined. 1 month, 2 months, 1 year and still we did not have a baby. I went to the doctor with my husband, tests were done, we both did not have problems. We started treatment. First, we could not get results from the drug treatment, then vaccination 3 times again the result was negative. Our doctor said we have no choice but to IVF treatment. So we started the IVF treatment research center. Thanks to an acquaintance of my wife, we learned that Antalya Anadolu Hospital is good. First we went to the meeting, our doctor, the hospital staff were very good friendly people who gave us confidence. Repeat tests were performed, neither of us had any problem and we started treatment. First, eggs were collected with needles. The first transfer I've had, the result was negative. We tried the second, the result was positive, but it resulted in miscarriage, my husband and I collapsed and decided to rest for a while. We had three chances, two of them failed. Two years have passed. We went again to try our last chance and the third was a happy ending.We had a test first and when the result is positive, our happiness cannot be described. Everything went well and we held my daughter. Our smile was never missing. We would like to thank our doctor Tonguç and his team for making us happy.”
Hafise K.
“Greetings to everyone! I would like to thank my doctor Tonguç, hospital and nurses very much. My 9 year long yearning for children ended with the permission of God and my doctor. I held my child unharmed. Very nice feeling, God bless anyone. Thank you again to my doctor and to the hospital. On behalf of my husband and for myself…”
Özlem D.
“First of all, thanks to Mr. Tonguç for giving us confidence with his attitude. He's the most good natured doctor I've ever met. The team consists of great people. All of them, undisputed, have a high level of control on their job. We had children in our third attempt. No one need to despairing, everything happens at the right time. We preferred Tonguç Bey and his team during the treatment process we have no doubt. We thank them all for their individual support and assistance.”
Ekin D.